The Principal's Message


I am glad and feel myself fortunate to get my first appointment as a Principal through the selection at the interview held for the position of the Principal of Samudradevi Balika Vidyalaya, a school which inherits a proud history in the Sri Jayawardenapura Educational Zone.

I am extetic today holding this position specially because I am so privileged to be the Principal of this school at the time it celebrates its 100th Anniversary in 2015. In celebration of the centinary many events were organized in school, throughout the year.

Among them Pirith Ceremony, Alms Giving for 100 monks, A medical Camp for Students, teachers, Past teachers and past pupils, An Educational Exhibition of Grade 1 – 13 students and Variety show organized by all the societies of the school are the prominent events.  Also we have decided to hold the historical Samudradevian walk in September and Opening ceremony of the ground floor of aesthetic unit that is being built in October.

I take this opportunity to be grateful to the Deputy Principals, teachers, students, school development society together with all the parents, Old Girls Association and all the well-wishers for shouldering all the responsibilities and contributing one way or other to make all these events which were held in grand scale to be successful.

Samudradevi Balika Vidyalaya is a reputed school in the Colombo District,  I believe that it is our duty to keep up the standards of the school.  The output of the dedication of the whole school community towards this goal can proven by the results we obtained in the year 2013 and 2014 in grade 5 scholarship exam, G.C.E.Ordinary exam and G.C.E.Advanced Level exam.  Not only the academic achievements, but also the achievement in Aesthetic, Sports and other co-curricular activities have brought glory to school. For example our Junior Orchestra and Senior Orchestra had won the 1st places at the All Island Music Competition in 2015.

In proceeding towards the target of passing exams with flying colours, our students face many challenges and many hindrances in achieving the goal.  In this process the teacher should have an instinct to understand the child and should be able to create a suitable surrounding where they find mental solace to continue their studies comfortably. It is understood that as teachers we are unable to teach the child how to face challenges and overcome the problems they face in life, but we can help them to face them with patience, confidence and look into the matters with a logical mind.  

In school the child learns not only through books but also from day to day happenings, experience and environment. The student in school today will be young lady, a wife, a mother and a prominent personality in society who will hold a responsible position tomorrow.

We are the pioneers in moulding these characters today for the world tomorrow. I wish Samudradevi Balika a long life, another century of prosperity and goodwill.                             


Mrs. O. P. R. M. De S. Jayawardena,